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Insight is a full service utility solutions provider.  Whether you require Utility Designating and Mapping to Utility Locating, Hydro Excavation, Video Pipe Inspection and even Trenchless In-line point repair, we have the expertise, resources and solutions to meet your objectives safely and efficiently.

We've been locating and mapping the complex utility infrastructure in the Washington Metro area for decades.  We take the time to listen to your specific goals and provide plans to safely and efficiently meet your objectives, keeping the scope of work to what is necessary.

We understand deadlines and schedules.  With one of the largest utility locating fleets in the East Coast, we provide immediate availability, usually on site within one week of Notice to Proceed.

Insight has proudly contributed to the successful completion of several high profile projects in the Washington Metro area.  We've been awarded for excellence and have been recognized for our ourstanding level of safe work practices.

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 Code of Virginia

Table of Contents » Title 56. Public Service Companies » Chapter 10.3. Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act » § 56-265.24. Duties of excavator