Insight has developed one of the largest fleets of utility locating units equipped with the most advanced technology in the Washington, DC area.  Our fleet includes high performance air and water vacuum excavation units and field equipment to meet the unique utility locating needs of our clients.   

Our vacuum excavation units perform test holes, exposing buried utilities identifying precise horizontal and vertical location as well as utility material. Test holes are performed with minimal disturbance, reducing restoration. 

Utility Locating provides: 

  • Depth of utility
  • Exact horizontal and vertical utility location
  • Utility material
  • Pipe diameter
  • Width and depth of duct banks
  • Depth of road surface

Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is the non-destructive method of exposing buried utilities obtaining exact horizontal and vertical location and utility material. Vacuum excavation is performed using air or water and is considered a best practice for safely finding and exposing underground utilities, reducing by more than half the chance of utility damage.

Our experienced team and our state of the art fleet of equipment provide the prompt dependable service you require. Insight has one of the largest vacuum excavation fleets in the Washington, DC area providing immediate availability and solutions to any size project, meeting the demands of the most complex sites. 

  • Large capacity air vacuum and hydro vacuum excavation
  • Minimal excavation and minimal restoration required
  • Test holes performed in minimal amount of time
  • Deep excavation and slot trenching completed with state of the art hydro excavation units
  • On site usually within one week of notice to proceed

Vac-A-Tee Lateral Cleanout 

Insight self performs all stages of the Vac-A-Tee Installation providing solutions in support of sewer cleaning and inspection. Vac-A-Tee Cleanouts establish a connection to the lateral, minimizing excavation and requiring minimal restoration. 

  • Licensed Vac-A-Tee installer
  • Minimal excavation and minimal restoration required
  • Multiple crews providing immediate availability
  • On site usually within one week of notice to proceed
  • Compatible with all types of pipe; clay, cast iron, concrete, PVC and HDPE
  • Compatible with pipe diameters of 4” to 24”
  • High volume capacity units accomplish maximum installations in minimum time