Ground Penetrating Radar 

GPR is used to help locate utilities that are considered non locatable. Our units have dual frequency antenna assisting in locating and imaging deep and shallow utilities/objects simultaneously, requiring less time on site.  

  • Imaging of utilities 19’ deep in certain soil conditions
  • Locating underground utilities made of plastic, terra cotta and other non-metallic materials
  • Detecting underground storage tanks, construction debris, depth of bedrock and water table, paving thickness and geologic features

Utility Designating

Insight designates the existence and approximate horizontal location of buried utilities in compliance with CI/ASCE 38-02 Standard Guidelines for Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data. This investigation is accomplished by using both active and passive utility detection equipment.

  • Immediate availability, on site usually within one week of Notice to Proceed
  • Large fleet of state of the art equipment
  • Large scale designating projects accomplished in minimal time

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Utility Mapping

Utility mapping can be divided into the levels of service required. Utility records research provide approximate utility location, further utility location can be obtained via utility designating and utility locating services.  Our team will listen to your goals, assess your specific needs and provide a plan for the service you require. 

  • Field run surveys providing precise horizontal and vertical locations of underground utilities
  • Performed to CI/ASCE 38-02 specifications
  • Planimetric drawings in an AutoCAD format

Private Utility Marking

Insight has one of the largest fleets of state of the art utility locating equipment in the Washington, DC area providing utility designating and mapping required on sites not covered by the One Call System. Sites include military bases, campus environments, universities, office and industrial complexes.